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Welp. Apparently I can't/don't know how to save and got rolled back to the File I had before. I don't know if there is any logs I can/could have put in this post. 

This is what I'm getting from inside the MakePlace app while trying to save:

"Error occured while trying to save"

It's probably a permissions issue. Try running the app in Admin mode and saving. 

It was THAT Simple. smh. thank you :D

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Hello. I'm getting

Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.String]. Path: $properties.sunDirection | LineNumber: 1248 |

whenever I try to load File > Plugin for both interiors and exteriors. My app and plugin are both up to date.

You'll need to open up the json file in notepad and delete the line that starts with "sunProperty".

Thanks for the fast reply, this fixed the issue for me.

I was working on a layout and now am getting a fatal error when trying to load a layout I saved earlier. Itch said an update happened after I closed the program and am unsure if that has to do with the error.

I use

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X 8-Core Processor  
32.0 GB - 64 bit


There was a bug that was fixed in a newer version. Try updating!

Hey. So Ive been toying with Makeplace but havent actually used it. I followed all the guides and have my .json. I am attempting to get them to place on my game property but all Im seeing is "Already placing items" though nothing is happening. What am I doing wrong?

Hey this may help

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I noticed that I can't place items close to some walls on the bottom floor of medium houses. I also fall through the floor if I want to walk towards those walls. Edit: Feel like it has something to do with the log partitions.

Thanks for reporting this. Will fix it!

Hello! I Have a fatal error with the new update :(

I use i7-4510U

8GB and 64 bits

GeForce GT 820M

Can someone help me?

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Try updating your graphics drivers and reinstalling? There's some incompatibility with older drivers. Make sure that it's a version released in 2022.

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New version is working well for me on intel i5 8th Gen, nvidea 1050 graphics, 8 GB RAM.
Question: Why don't all the showcases have glass on them?

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New version 96~97 doesn't let you copy more than one items. 

Happens both when you copy grouped items, or select multiples.

It ends up copying 1 random thing from the group/selection.

Only exception I found so far is tatami loft, so maybe it's working for new items and not older items/groups? Bottom of tatami loft dyes too in game by the way.

On a positive note, new version looks absolutely amazing! Fantastic job on lighting, looks so much better.

Thanks, this should be fixed in the latest release!

Yup the copying is fixed! Thanks so much.

I'm getting a fatal error after about 30 seconds in the design software.. 

i am running

i5 3500

16Gb Ram

with a GTX 1650


The most recent update seems to cause crashing only a few seconds into launching the program.  It fails to load some file, it looks like

Hey this should be fixed in the latest version

Hi, I'm having an issue with loading a saved build from makeplace into ff14. I have the newest build of makeplace, and Dalamud says I have the newest version of the plugin, but when trying to load my newly saved build into 14, i get the error: 

Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.UInt32. Path: $.interiorFixture[0].itemId | LineNumber: 19 | BytePositionInLine: 24.

I'm not sure why this is happening or how to fix it.

There were some negative values being saved that the plugin didn't like. You can change the itemId in the line indicated by the error message (19) to 0. 

I've also fixed the app, so you could also re-save the layout in the newest version. 

hello, ive been using makeplace and having  great fun with it to make all types of designs, i have several versions downloaded on my pc (as new updates come out) but ive noticed the latest version is very laggy for me. do you know of anyway to fix this? thanks in advance!

There isn't really a fix for lag. What was the last version that didn't have lag for you?

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If your are China or Korea server's user,  you can use Dalamud to load the older version of MakePlacePlugin to upload and copy your housing.  For example, in China server you can use V2.16 in 6.11 version.

Just translation:中国区玩家在6.11版本下可以使用卫月加载2.16版本的MakePlacePlugin来将保存好的设计导入游戏以及保存自己的装修并上传到MakePlace

Thank you so much!

Hi,^^ Thank you for creating this tool, for me is a handy tool to help me renovate my house. But it seems not to work in Dalamud Plugin now... Is it because of the ffxiv update on 8/30?

Hey you'll need to use the latest version of the plugin, which is v2.18

Hello! Thank you for this tool! 

I had a problem while loading  and saving. Everytime I load or create a file, its name is still the previous one. For example I named a layout "twin" and I had to change the name of the layout from whatever the previous one is named to "twin" everytime I loaded it. I remember this problem didn't exist in the previous version. 

Hey this bug was fixed in the latest version, you just need to make sure you are on v90

Saw this released on reddit 10 months ago. Was expecting it to be a bit outdated and for you not to have updated it. Super glad to see you still working on it.

I found that there seems to be something wrong with the shape of the "Hatching-tide Advertisement". In the game, it is a standard rectangle, but in the simulator, it becomes an irregular quadrangle.

Thanks, will fix it!

Sorry,my English is very poor.Therefore,I used some translation software, which may lead to some confusion in my speech.I once set the "Personal room portal in the army" by accident, but I can't find it in the new layout. Where can I change the setting?How can we make him reappear? I really need this.

Hey sorry I don't know what you mean by "Personal room portal in the army". Can you describe it further?

I guess what he said was Personal room in the FC

For that, you can access it through Fixture List (right panel) -> Chamber Doors

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Hi there!

I tried saving a layout from the game again - it's worked before using the steps outlined in github - but this time round the MakePlace app won't load any of the furniture. I've redownloaded the app to make sure it's the latest, and the Clair de Lune.json file loads properly. I'm also not getting any error messages in in-game chat when saving a layout. It just says "finished exporting layout". Any help/tips would be appreciated!

Edited: Tried again and the whole app crashed, would reinstalling everything again help? ^^::

P.S. Thank you SO MUCH for this app! Truly a lifesaver.

If the sample file loaded properly then it sounds like there's an issue with the json file from the plugin. Can you post it here, or DM it to me on Discord? jawslouis#7967

Oh it's all good now! I think my laptop (it's a little old) went wonky for a bit. I went ahead and uninstalled and reinstalled both the quick launcher and the various apps/plugins, and also saved the .json file in a new location, and it worked after that. Thanks for taking the time to reply!



I'm receiving the following error on launch:

The UE5-MakePlace Game has crashed and will close

[File:D:\build\++UE5\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\D3D12RHI\Private\D3D12Util.cpp] [Line: 859]
hr failed
 with error E_INVALIDARG

On an Intel i5-4200U fwiw (no dGPU)
Warm regards ♥

Thanks for adding your hardware specs too.

Unfortunately, it looks like the GPU can't handle the load. You'll need to get a better GPU. I'd suggest any recent GPU from NVIDIA or AMD with at least 4 GBs of VRAM (Video Memory)

Alrighty, thank you for the investigation and prompt reply!

Thanks for this amazing tool. 
Is there a way to simulate the night while I do exterior decoration?
Same question for the indoor decoration :D

Sorry, there's no way to simulate the night at this time. 

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I have been working on a build for the past 12 hours and when I went to save it I accidentally loaded the old save.

It has been regularly popping up that it Autosaved, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Does it have that autosave somewhere else or am I SOL?

EDIT: Found my answer in the Discord. Go into the Saves, find the [SaveName].json.backup, rename the original and then remove the ".backup" so that it is just "[SaveName].json" and then load that file in MakePlace as normal

I'm experiencing the same issue as the commenter below. Makeplace crashes in the middle of decorating, or when I try to visit an online house and the same error pops up.

Try updating your graphics driver?

This article also lists other things to check

There were no updates available for the graphics driver. I tried running through these fixes from the link, but none of them have seemed to help.

What GPU are you using? The app does load the GPU quite a bit, maybe it got overloaded.

how can I fix this, thank you

Try updating your graphics driver?

This article also lists other things to check

Hello! I just try to use this program and got some problem with it.
When downloading custom design and then use it in MakePlace, most of custom designs I downloaded is in messy position and it's nothing like the custom design sample. Is there any solution to fix this? I'd love to use some custom designs people shared on website. But at this rate I'm afraid I'm unable to use them.

Thank you in advance! 

You probably need to update the app to the latest version. There was an issue with loading custom designs that has been fixed.

Thank you!
I just know that in my case it's because I downloaded custom design via website and place them in folder manually was causing the issue, but using them via app has no problem at all.

Thanks for your amazing app! Please keep up a good work!

Hello, big fan and avid house tinkerer here. I have a suggestion, in the next update would it be possible to bind movement speed to a slider in the menu or with an out-of-the-way hotkey like + - on numpad or Page Up/Down, and remove it from the scroll wheel? With how the UI is designed, if you're at the bottom of a menu like Interior Fixtures and you can't go down further, it'll change your speed while you're browsing, unintentionally. I find myself just moving really slowly or quickly by accident because of this. I also generally just leave it on 1x most of the time, truthfully.
Other than that, the app is incredible. Thank you.

You can already rebind the movement speed increase/decrease, via the settings menu

Sorry for not checking, thank you for letting me know.

Deleted post

You can save each floor as a Custom Design, then place it in an empty layout. That way, the furniture list will only have items from that floor.

I'm getting this when trying to apply the first (and only) layout I saved before I started noodling with furniture:
Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]. Path: $.interiorFurniture[0].properties | LineNumber: 85 | BytePositionInLine: 21.

In the Json file, line 85 is the first },

 "interiorFurniture": [


      "name": "A Knight to Remember",

      "itemId": 13289,

      "transform": {

        "location": [ 3.1370988, -5.8696437, -4.686394 ],

        "rotation": [ 0, 0, 0.70510185, 0.709106 ],

        "scale": [ 1, 1, 1 ]


      "properties": [],

      "attachments": []


This save was made a few months ago, could something have changed in the plugin since then?

You'll need to load and re-save the layout in a more updated version of the app. The plugin is compatible with v78 or later.  

Thank you!

Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Collections.Generic.List`1[MakePlacePlugin.SaveProperty]. Path: $.interiorFurniture[0].properties | LineNumber: 105 | BytePositionInLine: 4.

I don't know how to solve this problem,ask 4 help

You'll need to update the plugin to the latest v2.16

Sorry,I'm the CN server and use the url by BlueFissure. And the  the plugin is v2.12 but it's the newest.

Sorry you'll have to contact BlueFissure for CN server issues.

Thank you


Whats the minimum system requirements?


System requirements are at the bottom of this page

thanks <3

Am I understanding this correctly? For the plugin, you can't save other people's houses to be imported to the program since you can't be in rotate mode in their homes?


Yes that's correct!

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Not sure whether this only started after I installed MakePlace via itch, but Makeplace significantly stresses out my GPU load even if I run it "idle" with nothing loaded. And I am sure it was different before the last update.
Edit: I now even verified that with an old version, it also happens with the non itch version. It basically doubled my GPU load in idle. Got a 3070.
Is there a chance to reduce the load? And: awesome work! I love the app and it helps so so so much!


Hi, yes improving the performance is on the to-do list


I downloaded and extracted the application, and I also installed the app and launched it from there with that application installing updates, and I get this error every time I try to launch the program.

I don't know and what any of this means or how to really go about correcting it.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

It sounds like a DirectX 12 issue. Try running it with DirectX 11 instead.

Download this .bat file, put it in the same folder as MakePlace.exe, then run the .bat file.

That seems to have fixed my problem. I was able to get the application to launch. Thank you for the assistance.


After updating, it doesn't start.I get the message "Plug-in Oodle Data was not found".

What should I do because it does not appear even if I search?

I'm Japanese, so I use translation software. It may not be transmitted well.

It's an issue caused by the upgrading to Unreal Engine 5. You'll need to uninstall then install the app again for it to work with the itch launcher. Remember to backup your files!

Thank you, it worked safely.

I will continue to use it!

Its great! I would really really wish, I could put it on my second Screen though... So I can do like "business" on my Main Screen and if I have time some housing. Would this be even possible? Switching Screens :'D

Tysm for your time working on this ♥

You can press Alt-Enter to enter windowed mode, then move the window over to the screen you want, and press Alt-Enter again.

Alternatively, Windows+Shift and Left/Right/Up/Down depending on how you have your display orientation setup.

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Fantastic Program that has made it much easier to get my housing ideas into an actual digitally-physical space. Really makes me hope that a system like this is integrated baseline into the game so that console users can have access as well.

I haven't tried the latest update released as of 9 hours ago from writing this, but the previous time I ran the program along side XIV, my computers power surged, I tested multiple times and found it was caused by having both programs open at the same time, another friend noted heavy frame dips on XIV while running both.
So if you're running this on a PC that has lower than average specs, just make sure you aren't running both at the same time, and you should be fine!

EDIT: Tried the newest version with both the Game and the Program on at the same time and still had the same issue. Safe to just run one at a time.


I love this app! Thank you so much! 
It's been working great but as of yesterday I get an error "plugin 'oodleData failed to load because module "OodleDataCompressionFormat" could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project" 
This only happens with the ITCH launcher, it opens fine as a standalone app.  I tried reinstalling everything to no avail. Any ideas on a fix? 

Thank you for the incredible app! 


It's an issue caused by the upgrading to Unreal Engine 5. You'll need to uninstall then install the app again for it to work with the itch launcher. Remember to backup your files!

Thank you! I will try this :) 

Year later: Thank you so much for this reply, it's probably still helping a lot of people (myself among their number)

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I always struggled to design housing in this game because the system is just not conducive to someone with an easily distracted brain -- but thanks to this tool I actually finished an apartment build I'm happy with! I didn't even glitch all that much and didn't use the export feature either, it was just so helpful to have a tool that could let me plan everything out and give me a shopping list by the end of it.

Thank you so much for this. It's a saviour for neurodivergent brains

thank u soo much for this! I know 3rd party tools are controversial in ffxiv housing community but as someone who has fucked up hands and has spent hundreds of miserable, painful hrs on ffxiv housing this has sped up the process so much ♡

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!

If window and some other furnitures are too close to wall, they will stick to wall automatically after closing placement menu. Is it possible to reproduce this behaviour in MakePlace? Thank you

Sorry, wall-snapping is not reproducible right now because the distances required to avoid snapping for each item are still unknown.

Dare I ask - will the Dalamud plugin work with XIV on Mac?  Is there a Mac version for the app?

There is unfortunately no Mac version for the app. As for the plugin - if you can get XIVLauncher to work on the Mac, the plugin should work too.

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