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Hello! I just try to use this program and got some problem with it.
When downloading custom design and then use it in MakePlace, most of custom designs I downloaded is in messy position and it's nothing like the custom design sample. Is there any solution to fix this? I'd love to use some custom designs people shared on website. But at this rate I'm afraid I'm unable to use them.

Thank you in advance! 

You probably need to update the app to the latest version. There was an issue with loading custom designs that has been fixed.

Thank you!
I just know that in my case it's because I downloaded custom design via website and place them in folder manually was causing the issue, but using them via app has no problem at all.

Thanks for your amazing app! Please keep up a good work!

Hello, big fan and avid house tinkerer here. I have a suggestion, in the next update would it be possible to bind movement speed to a slider in the menu or with an out-of-the-way hotkey like + - on numpad or Page Up/Down, and remove it from the scroll wheel? With how the UI is designed, if you're at the bottom of a menu like Interior Fixtures and you can't go down further, it'll change your speed while you're browsing, unintentionally. I find myself just moving really slowly or quickly by accident because of this. I also generally just leave it on 1x most of the time, truthfully.
Other than that, the app is incredible. Thank you.

You can already rebind the movement speed increase/decrease, via the settings menu

Sorry for not checking, thank you for letting me know.

Deleted post

You can save each floor as a Custom Design, then place it in an empty layout. That way, the furniture list will only have items from that floor.

I'm getting this when trying to apply the first (and only) layout I saved before I started noodling with furniture:
Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Object]. Path: $.interiorFurniture[0].properties | LineNumber: 85 | BytePositionInLine: 21.

In the Json file, line 85 is the first },

 "interiorFurniture": [


      "name": "A Knight to Remember",

      "itemId": 13289,

      "transform": {

        "location": [ 3.1370988, -5.8696437, -4.686394 ],

        "rotation": [ 0, 0, 0.70510185, 0.709106 ],

        "scale": [ 1, 1, 1 ]


      "properties": [],

      "attachments": []


This save was made a few months ago, could something have changed in the plugin since then?

You'll need to load and re-save the layout in a more updated version of the app. The plugin is compatible with v78 or later.  

Thank you!

Load Error: The JSON value could not be converted to System.Collections.Generic.List`1[MakePlacePlugin.SaveProperty]. Path: $.interiorFurniture[0].properties | LineNumber: 105 | BytePositionInLine: 4.

I don't know how to solve this problem,ask 4 help

You'll need to update the plugin to the latest v2.16

Sorry,I'm the CN server and use the url by BlueFissure. And the  the plugin is v2.12 but it's the newest.

Sorry you'll have to contact BlueFissure for CN server issues.

Thank you


Whats the minimum system requirements?


System requirements are at the bottom of this page

thanks <3

Am I understanding this correctly? For the plugin, you can't save other people's houses to be imported to the program since you can't be in rotate mode in their homes?


Yes that's correct!

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Not sure whether this only started after I installed MakePlace via itch, but Makeplace significantly stresses out my GPU load even if I run it "idle" with nothing loaded. And I am sure it was different before the last update.
Edit: I now even verified that with an old version, it also happens with the non itch version. It basically doubled my GPU load in idle. Got a 3070.
Is there a chance to reduce the load? And: awesome work! I love the app and it helps so so so much!


Hi, yes improving the performance is on the to-do list


I downloaded and extracted the application, and I also installed the app and launched it from there with that application installing updates, and I get this error every time I try to launch the program.

I don't know and what any of this means or how to really go about correcting it.

Please advise at your earliest convenience.

It sounds like a DirectX 12 issue. Try running it with DirectX 11 instead.

Download this .bat file, put it in the same folder as MakePlace.exe, then run the .bat file.

That seems to have fixed my problem. I was able to get the application to launch. Thank you for the assistance.


After updating, it doesn't start.I get the message "Plug-in Oodle Data was not found".

What should I do because it does not appear even if I search?

I'm Japanese, so I use translation software. It may not be transmitted well.

It's an issue caused by the upgrading to Unreal Engine 5. You'll need to uninstall then install the app again for it to work with the itch launcher. Remember to backup your files!

Thank you, it worked safely.

I will continue to use it!

Its great! I would really really wish, I could put it on my second Screen though... So I can do like "business" on my Main Screen and if I have time some housing. Would this be even possible? Switching Screens :'D

Tysm for your time working on this ♥

You can press Alt-Enter to enter windowed mode, then move the window over to the screen you want, and press Alt-Enter again.

Alternatively, Windows+Shift and Left/Right/Up/Down depending on how you have your display orientation setup.

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Fantastic Program that has made it much easier to get my housing ideas into an actual digitally-physical space. Really makes me hope that a system like this is integrated baseline into the game so that console users can have access as well.

I haven't tried the latest update released as of 9 hours ago from writing this, but the previous time I ran the program along side XIV, my computers power surged, I tested multiple times and found it was caused by having both programs open at the same time, another friend noted heavy frame dips on XIV while running both.
So if you're running this on a PC that has lower than average specs, just make sure you aren't running both at the same time, and you should be fine!

EDIT: Tried the newest version with both the Game and the Program on at the same time and still had the same issue. Safe to just run one at a time.


I love this app! Thank you so much! 
It's been working great but as of yesterday I get an error "plugin 'oodleData failed to load because module "OodleDataCompressionFormat" could not be found. Please ensure the plugin is properly installed, otherwise consider disabling the plugin for this project" 
This only happens with the ITCH launcher, it opens fine as a standalone app.  I tried reinstalling everything to no avail. Any ideas on a fix? 

Thank you for the incredible app! 


It's an issue caused by the upgrading to Unreal Engine 5. You'll need to uninstall then install the app again for it to work with the itch launcher. Remember to backup your files!

Thank you! I will try this :) 

Year later: Thank you so much for this reply, it's probably still helping a lot of people (myself among their number)

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I always struggled to design housing in this game because the system is just not conducive to someone with an easily distracted brain -- but thanks to this tool I actually finished an apartment build I'm happy with! I didn't even glitch all that much and didn't use the export feature either, it was just so helpful to have a tool that could let me plan everything out and give me a shopping list by the end of it.

Thank you so much for this. It's a saviour for neurodivergent brains

thank u soo much for this! I know 3rd party tools are controversial in ffxiv housing community but as someone who has fucked up hands and has spent hundreds of miserable, painful hrs on ffxiv housing this has sped up the process so much ♡

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy it!

If window and some other furnitures are too close to wall, they will stick to wall automatically after closing placement menu. Is it possible to reproduce this behaviour in MakePlace? Thank you

Sorry, wall-snapping is not reproducible right now because the distances required to avoid snapping for each item are still unknown.

Dare I ask - will the Dalamud plugin work with XIV on Mac?  Is there a Mac version for the app?

There is unfortunately no Mac version for the app. As for the plugin - if you can get XIVLauncher to work on the Mac, the plugin should work too.

So I installed the latest patch, but it isn't recognizing my old save files. Any ideas on how to fix this?

If your save was really old, try using this converter to see if it works

just wanna say thank you so so SO much for making this and putting it together! i've been looking for something like this as i, like many players, do not own a house and cannot own one for IRL monetary reasons. this is a lot of fun to play with and enjoy :)

a small request/suggestion; being able to filter out 'unobtainable'/seasonal/mogstation items. 

but again, very great job on this and thank you for putting in the work to update it and perfect it! :)

Glad you're enjoying it :)

A filter function is on the to-do list

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hi , is there a possible way we could turn off lighting / fire fx ? even with a very good computer placing a bunch of masonwork fireplaces grinds the program to a halt almost , and im trying to make a build using a lot of them for walls , tyy

Thanks for letting me know. I'll first try to make the fire vfx more efficient, since it is more CPU-intensive. If that still doesn't solve the issue, then I'll  look at options to turn off vfx.

There are many fragmented furniture designs in the custom design

There are a few correctly used like Window series design

There are also many wrong uploads.

Is there a way to delete it?

Or a report form or something like that

Thank you 


There's going to be a cleanup of the custom designs on May 6. You can view the list of designs to be removed on the discord

You can also report additional designs on the discord too. 

There are some custom designs that are misaligned

When you add new furniture in the right way, but use custom design, the furniture will be misaligned and reproduce the situation.


New Oven by Luci

Eulmoran Bed by Sarabi


Custom design Is there a ceiling on the number of furniture pieces or other problems that cause this?


There was a bug that caused custom designs to be misaligned. This is fixed now in the latest version. But previously uploaded designs will still have that issue.

(1 edit) (+1)

⚠️ Concerns about people copying designs. 

I've noticed that people have found a work-around for the uploaded house designs that don't allow you to save it. I uploaded one of my designs to the "Online Houses" tab with the "No saving" option on. Then I noticed people using the "Custom Design Catalog" to select furniture in my design and then save it as their own.

Custom designs copied from my design.Custom designs copied from my "No saving" design.
My uploaded design with "No saving" option on:My uploaded design with "No saving" option on:

Furthermore, people could copy the entire design by doing Ctrl+A (select all) and save all furniture as a "Custom Design". 

I don't mean to be stingy, I shared my design for people to see and get ideas from it for their own designs, but not for them to completely copy it. This invalidates the "No saving" option entirely.

(2 edits) (+2)

Sorry this happened to you, and thanks for bringing this up. This is a serious issue and fixing the loophole will be my top priority. While the app is being fixed, I'll also:

  • Temporarily remove all designs with "No saving" from Online Houses. They will be restored when the app is fixed.
  • Remove the designs that copy your work from the Custom Design Catalog 

This should prevent further copying while the fix is in progress.

Update: The loophole has been fixed in the latest version. Earlier versions of the app are also no longer able to access online designs, so this should close the issue. Again, sorry that this happened. Hope you'll still continue posting your designs!


thank you so much , someone was copying my " cozy cabin " design piece by piece too , very unfortunate that people would do this

This tool is truly amazing. Thank you so much for doing this!

I'm curious, would you be able to add a couple of slower-moving options, or maybe the option to add different movement speeds? My FC is having a house decorating contest using MakePlace, and I want to record a video displaying my design. It would be nice to move slower than what is currently available, that way people view the details more clearly.

You can scroll the mouse wheel up/down to change the movement speed, or bind it to a different key in the settings. Or did you mean even slower than what's available there?

It's great that your FC is having a competition using the app! I'd love to see your video when  you're done with it, and if the competition allows spectators, I'd be interested to see the other entries submitted too ;)

Even sloooowerrr, if possible

Absolutely! I would be happy to share!

Update: slower move speeds are in!

My hero!

hello! i love this tool alot although i was wondering if you'll add graphics option later?

Hi, what kind of graphics options are you looking for?

turning off taxing effects it can get laggy at times maybe even resolution option?  

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Is there a way to mount wall items normally?

Sorry, not at this time.

So, just a question. I haven't used the Dalamud plugin for this.

Would it be possible to alter a layout file and remove sections of the interior?

Like I have a mansion. And in the JSON file for the Clair de Lune, I see there are entries for various bits.

"level": "Basement"

"level": "Ground Floor"

And then the Interior Furniture section.

So, this is just my theory, but wouldn't it be possible to have a JSON only featuring furniture placed in like the basement of the Mansion? And if I used the plugin to apply that layout, it only affects that area, right? Nowhere else in the house?

So with a mansion, theoretically I could have Basement, Upstairs Left-Side, Upstairs Right-Side, Ground Right-Side, Ground Left-Side.

Where I could have layouts for each section and only work within that area on them, so I could load in different sets if I wanted.

Rather than a single layout file governing the entire interior of the house.

The saved json will always have the entire layout. You can then use the plugin to apply the layout to just a specific floor if you want (i.e. basement, ground floor, upper floor). But there's no way to choose a specific room (e.g. Ground Right-side). 

But can you manually edit that JSON to remove all the Ground Floor/Upper Floor stuff, where it literally only contains the Basement stuff? 

(1 edit)

Yes, you can remove it manually in the json file. Though it will not achieve what you want.

The part you're looking at is actually the fixtures section, which the plugin does not use at all when placing furniture. 

Wait, no. The Fixtures thing on the JSON is like the floor, wall, and lighting aspects. I didn't mean that.

The part I'm looking at is "interiorFurniture": [

Here is an example one.


            "attachments": [],

            "name": "Admiral Portrait",

            "itemId": 7095,



                "location": [ -152.74824523925781, 198.90545654296875, 171.87091064453125 ],

                "rotation": [ -0, 0, -0.70722877979278564, 0.7069847583770752 ],

                "scale": [ 1, 1, 1 ]


            "properties": []


This is the Admiral Portrait hung on a wall in my House on the Basement level.  If that is the only piece of furniture on the basement level and I totally delete that line in the JSON, when I load the JSON with the plugin, only the ground floor (of the Small) should be altered or adjusted.

Sorry for how I worded it before. But this was the part I was trying to ask about. It seems like as long as I remove entries for any furniture in a specific area, I can create mini-JSON files to only affect those areas.

Not saying it wouldn't be a bit of a pain in the ass, of course. But I think using a few in-game coordinates could help to work out what was where for quicker removal. Using XZ to determine what number is used for the far left/right chambers, and Y would help to govern the floors.

(3 edits)

Thanks for the elaboration. What you're saying might work. One caveat is that the plugin uses all furniture from the selected floors - so if you have the same copy of a furniture in a different room on the same floor, that might still get shifted.  

(1 edit)

Is there a way to get this application to appear in windowed mode?  I can't find a setting for it anywhere and every time I open it the program opens on my smaller monitor instead of the larger one that I would like to work from.  Without a windowed mode I'm not able to move it between the two.  Would love guidance!  Edit: Nevermind, joined the Discord, searched "Windowed Mode" and found someone mentioning that Alt+Enter works for this.  I'm saved! <3

Thank you sooooooo much for this fabulous tool AND for keeping it up to date with the latest housing changes.  It's incredible!

Glad you're enjoying the app!

Hello! I am a Chinese player. Forgive my poor English. Please tell me what plug-in ff14 of Chinese server can use the import function. FFXIV quick launcher only supports international server clients.

You can use the fork by BlueFissure at Though I believe it needs to be updated for 6.0

hi! is the in-game xiv launcher plugin updated for 6.1?

It's just been updated!


Just wanted to mention, since I dunno where to report bugs or anything.

On the Large Forge Wall's, exterior, there is a floating placard/sign in front of it. Can't seem to remove it or anything.

Thanks for the report! That issue will take a while to fix because it seems the exterior placards have different positions depending on which exterior is chosen. I still haven't figured out how the game decides where the placards are placed.

I love this tool with one big problem--I can't seem to save my work I use the save option in the menu, it says it's been saved, but then the program won't load it (it only recognizes the default load file that came with the program). I've also searched my computer and it seems the saved file doesn't exist.

It's probably a permissions issue. If you run the app as an administrator, does the save work? If that still doesn't fix it, post on the Discord server and I can help further troubleshoot there

Yep, was a permissions issue. Works in admin, thanks!

(1 edit)

This is so very cool! However, I had to step away for longer than I expected and my HUD had vanished when I came back. I don't know how or why, and without the HUD I can't save what I was working on. Would it be possible for a save shortcut to be implemented for times like this in the future? 

I'm loving using this already though and can't wait to use it further! 

ETA: Ah! It looks like whatever I clicked before restarting did actually work because everything's where I wanted it :D Awesome~ Thank you so much for making such a clever program

Deleted 2 years ago

When you're indoors, click on a district-specific fixture (e.g. pillars, ceiling, stairs). The option to change district will come up.

can I export or save existing layout that was already decorated ingame?


I am trying to figure this out myself.

Yes! After installing the plugin, follow the instructions here:

Thank you!

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Thank you very much!!!it's helpfull!!!

I have a little suggestion:

We can put the furniture outside the house model in interior(Dark space) ,in MakePlace i can do the same thing.But,dark space is too dark in MakePlace.Can you add some light source in dark space?

(like this:

Thank you!

Hi, yes it will be added in a future update!

(1 edit)

ive been trying to   find the sample interiors files but cant find them anywhere, thank you for this amazing piece of software!

(1 edit)

I'm checking with the owners to see if they still want their designs in the program, since the plugin can now transfer designs to the game too. So far one has given the ok - you can download it here

thank you very much man, this is amazing

(1 edit) (+1)

First of all thank you so much for creating this tool, it's amazing so far :)

I'd just have a suggestion regarding the settings - would it be possible to implement an option to lower the graphics quality/reflections? I've noticed that with no lights (turned to zero) my graphics card is doing fine (45°C ish) but if I turn up the light even just slightly it jumps up to 58°C+ and just seems to rise.
(also keeping my fingers crossed that at some point we can import layouts into the game, but since I have no idea how complicated that is...)

Keep up the great work!
(Additional info on my system incase it's helpful: Windows 10, Ryzen 5 1600, NVidia GeForce GTX 1070 16GB)

Hi, thanks for letting me know! I'm working on a few other features right now, but I can look at graphics settings once I'm done with that. 

I'm also trying to develop a way to import layouts into the game, but still not sure how feasible that is yet.

Hi, thanks for making such a useful tool. It's resolved now, but just for the record, I was totally unable to use the last build due to a very low framerate, 1-2 second response delay when moving objects, and some strange artifacting when placing and moving objects. But whatever version 10 changed, it fixed it. So thanks!

(For posterity: Windows 10, Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7600K CPU @ 3.80GHz, NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 6GB, 16.0 GB RAM)

Glad it works for you now! There was an issue with real-time raytracing being enabled for higher-end graphics card when it's not needed. The latest build fixed it. 

FINALLY, the gods have heard my plead!! Thank you sir for making the tool of my dream TAT

Good god. You've unleashed a Housing Monstrosity upon us all!!!!!!!! LOL. I'll try it out,. thanks for all your hard work!

Thanks, enjoy the tool!

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